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General Advice:

Some of the things in this guide won’t be necessary for creators who only use OnlyFans. If you don’t sell independent services outside there, some of the tips won’t apply to you.Getting Started:
Create a sex work email, use something without you name
I would suggest not using your real name period, pick a fake one because people can become obsessive/inductive and you don’t want them having that info
Use it to make your accounts of reddit, OnlyFans, Twitter, etc
Once you’ve made your reddit, go to User settings → feed settings and turn OFF safe browning mode and turn ON adult content viewing.
You won’t be able to see a lot of nsfw subs if these are in their default
Get karma.
Post in subs like r/FreeKarma4U or regular nsfw subs etc. You’ll have a posting limit so it might tell you to wait 10-15 minutes between each post. This will becomes less frequent and go away the more karma you have
A lot of subs will ask you to verify, which is worth it. It opens up more space to advertise and makes you look more legit
Most subs require them same pictures/poses for their verification pics, so some people will write multiple subs on one paper so they don’t have to take a bunch of picsBoth selling and non selling subs may ask you to verifyGet kik, imgur, and redgifs.
Kik allows you to talk to customers and sext/send pics, which you cant do on reddit.
Imgur lets you host images like verification pics, and some subs need a hosted image, you cant just post it directly to the sub (idk why but thats a thing).Redgifs allows you to turn your clips in gifs, which you can post as a link to a subFind the subs that are best for you.
Reddit can be extremely niche with its nsfw subs. They can be for certain races, body types, features, etc. You’ll find more as you go along, commenters will recommend things sometimes too
Here’s a good masterlist of both selling and non selling subs
Selling subreddits can be for general selling, general fetish selling, specific fetishes (feet, scat, etc), worn items (like panties), OnlyFans promo, etc
I post my content to NON selling subs as well because they have larger audiences. People follow me from those posts and even if they were on reddit for the free porn, they might buy somethingKeeping content safe:
While there is a function called “block”, this just means you no longer see activity from that user.
They can still see everything you do. There is no loophole to this.
Watermark your images/gifs with your username so you can get them taken down if they are reposted.The apps I use are eZy watermark which has both a pics app and a vids app. If you buy the premium (like $3) it lets you batch watermark your things.Remove EXIF data
EXIF data is the data that is stored in the photo file. It tells info on the device/settings and possibly location if you have GPS turned on for your photos. If people download your pics they might be able to see this
The app I use is called EXIF Metadata which lets you remove EXIF. You can batch remove EXIF from pics if you buy premium
If you sell videos, you’ll need to host them somewhere. People normally use DropBox or GoogleDrive.
Turn off the option to download on your vids in Drive (or DropBox)
For Drive, go to “share” (the person with the plus sign), go to the gear symbol, and UNCHECK the box that says “viewers can see the option to download, copy, or print”. Then they can just view it.
Do not send the link! Ask for an email and share the video(s) to that email. If you send the link/turn link sharing on the link can be circulated to people who have not paid for your content.Optimizing your account:
Make sure your bio states that you’re a seller, and have your OnlyFans link/kik/contact in there
Make a post for your customers to leave reviews under. After they’ve bought a service send them the link and ask them to leave a review. Some sellers will incentivize like “get a free cock rate when you review”, but this is optionalThreads lock up after 6 months though, so you may have to create multiple threads and link the old threads in the commentsPersonal Subreddit
I made a sub that is my username. I use this to post my pics because my profile can get really spammy with all the ads I post, so my sub keeps it streamlined for people
You can pin up to 5 posts to your subreddit
You can pin up to 5 posts to your profile
Use these to pin your prices, ads, links etc
I also pin my reviews and a post directing people to my subredditList of subs that verify you
People love to ask “well how do I know you’re legit” and I got really tired of hearing it so I created a post that lists/links all of the subs that I’m verified in. I pin it to my profile and send it to those douches
Read the subs rules before posting.
Some subs don’t allow sellers of any kind to post, some subs are ok with sellers posting as long as you don’t try to sell there, and other subs are specifically for selling. Also lets you know what type of content is appropriateKnow about tagsSome require tags like [selling] or tags for the items/content (like [pty] for panties [vid] for vids, etc).
Usually tags are a 3-4 letter abbreviation of the service, most subs have masterlists of tags in their info
Some subs don’t care about tags, use them or don’t
Other subs have hard rules against tags. For instance, the large selling sub r/sexsells will remove posts with [selling] while other subs will remove posts without [selling]
Copy/paste comment for selling posts
In an effort to make your info accessible, it’s a good idea to keep a copy/paste comment in your notes appList your services, prices, payment methods, disclaimers (like that you don’t permit sharing, etc), and links to your OnlyFans, reviews, personal subreddit, etcReddit comments have basic coding features too which can help you format the comment
The bold a heading put ### at the beginning of the line
To create a hyperlink put the word
Bullet points by typing a hyphen ( - ) then a space
Other tips:
I use text replacement on my phone to make things quicker. I always put ! before my commands so I don’t accidentally send them to people IRL. Examples:
!drawer corrects to the imgur link to an album of all the panties I have for sale
!of corrects to my full OnlyFans link
!terms corrects to my little script about “I don’t send before payment, here’s the payments I can take, don’t share my shit” etc
!prices corrects to a super condensed version of my services/prices
Keep a spreadsheet
I keep a spreadsheet of all my sales
I keep columns for the date of purchase, payment method used (and also their info there, like their cashtag), the amount they spent, the service they bought, their username on whatever platform they contacted me (kik, reddit, twitter), and, if I have it, name, email, and address. I usually only get that info from physical items sales
You can also use basic Excel formulas to add up all you’ve made in a month
I don’t chit chat with people. Unless they message my “Hi, I’m interested in xyz” my first reply is always “hi, are you a buyer and 18+?”